Ada Conversations Part 4

I am the pushover parent. Laura Beth tells me it's not fair because the kids will remember me as the "fun" parent while she will be known as the fuddy-duddy. She didn't really say fuddy-duddy, I have just wanted to use that word for a LONG time. But seriously, as a dad one of the hardest things for me to do is tell my children no. I give them candy when Laura Beth isn't looking and have been known to instigate tickle fights while we're reading stories at bedtime. My bad, LB.

In an effort to atone for my spineless parenting tactics, I thought I would list a couple of examples where I have recently had to tell Ada no:

Example 1:

Ada: Dad, can you take me to outer space?
Scott: Oh, I'm afraid not.
Ada: Why not?
Scott: To be able to go to outer space you have to be a super healthy, super smart, and a lot older.
Ada: Ok, starting tomorrow, while I am waiting to get older, I will only eat vegetables for dinner.
Scott: Well....
Ada: And, AND!!! 2 plus 2 is 4, so I'm already smart.

Example 2:

It was just Ada and me in the car. She had been quiet for a while when out of the blue she asks...

Ada: Dad is this a dream?
Scott: Is what a dream?
Ada: This...right it a dream?
Scott: Nope.
Ada: How do we know this isn't a dream?

I'm still trying to think of an answer for that last one.

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