Last Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Also on last Monday, I listened to a Jay Z CD on my commute home. Correlation doesn't always imply causation, but this time it did. I am pretty sure one of Jay Z's songs had a xylophone in it. I wondered how a song I did with a xylophone in it would sound? Probably not the same as Jay Z's. Another one of his songs mentioned something about 30 being the new 20. I don't really know what that means, unless he is talking about weight. I have gained about 30lbs since I was 20. Though I did lose 8lbs in the month of January, so look out Ryan Gosling, here I come.

On that Monday morning, a radio station played Martin Luther King, Jr's "I have a dream" speech in its entirety. Have you ever heard it all the way through? Unfortunately, I hadn't in my previous 31 years of life but I did that day.You should right now:

And somewhere during that 15min+ speech, I'm pretty sure I turned into an elderly black lady sitting in church. While listening, I was all, "Mm-hmm!" and "You know that's right!" and I said it very vivaciously and with soul.

PS. I started to post this last week, however I came down with the swine flu and never got around to it. But now it is Black History Month so it is still timely.


Some Guy said...

Along the lines of "30 is the new 20", I can never remember if orange in the new black or vice-versa. Nor do I know what that really means.

Scott said...

SG, I dont think anyone does, but we keep trying.