Ok, I'm trying this one more time

Happy New Year, everyone! I know what you are thinking WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS? JUST STAY GONE. And I get it, I know that I should stop trying because it is just sad at this point. I post and am like "Hey guys, guess what? I didn’t quit blogging! Yay!!" Then go several months without posting anything and then come back and am like "Hey guys, guess what? I didn’t quit blogging! Yay!!" Then go several months without posting. Rinse and repeat, ad nauseum. Pathetic, right?

But the truth is, I just can't bring myself to quit. I really want to blog. So, this is me giving it one more shot. If I go for an extended time without posting, I promise I will hang it up for good and stop all this on again off again mess.  This is me being transparent, guys.

Speaking of transparent, if I do fail and you still want to keep up with our family you should read LB’s blog. She is so transparent and open and writes good words and stuff, she should totally write for a magazine or something.  Not one of those cheap magazines like US Weekly either, but something fancy like Vogue.  Wait, is Vogue fancy?  Sorry, I’m not up to date on my fancy magazines.  Whatever magazine you thought of when I said fancy magazine, insert that one above, ok? Also, for future reference, what was the fancy magazine you thought of?

Sorry, this post has gotten way off track. I did not intend to talk about fancy magazines. Let’s bring it back in. Where was I? Oh, my horrific blogging patterns, here’s the deal… we will chalk 2012 up as a mulligan. Let’s forget it ever happened and move on in 2013. 

So in a way this is kind of like my New Year’s resolution which is kind of a big deal because I usually only give myself easy resolutions that I know I can complete, like blink sometimes. Not this year, this year we are GOING BIG. Where big means to hopefully write more often on site read by maybe tens of people.
Aspirations, you guys. It’s always good to have aspirations.  


Mary Ann said...

Don't quit blogging, no matter if it's just once in a while.

Ricky Anderson said...

So it's you then.

Some Guy said...

Welcome back, again.

Scott said...

Thank you all for the motivation. I'm hoping it is for real this time.