2012, the internet, and me

As we all know, I didn't do much on the internet last year, especially around here. However, I did show up randomly in a couple other web places:

-I was in a Tripp and Tyler video. It came out last February and was about Super Bowl party etiquette. Given the fact that I am an Atlanta Falcons/Alabama fan, I don't want to say anything about football right now. ESPECIALLY ABOUT TONIGHT. OMGOMGOMG!!!! Anyway, here is the video:

-Also sometime last year, I guest posted for Jared Hollier at jaredhollier.com. My guest post was back when he used to be Badly Drawn Bible so I drew a bible picture badly for him. It was originally one of my white board illustrations from back when LB and I used to work in the church nursery once a month and I would make these amazing, elaborate drawings that would coincide with what LB taught and help explain the point of the verses we were studying. I would be so proud of myself and the work I had done until I turned around and saw LB standing there with her hands on her hips giving me the stink eye and saying things like, "They're 3yrs old, can you just. draw. a. square?" Whatever, Laura Beth, you're never too young to appreciate some good art.

Anyway, my guest drawing was about Palm Sunday. You can go see it here. I also sent him the one below but I don’t think he ever used it and I have no idea why. It’s about the parable of the unforgiving servant in Matthew 18.

Yes, I know I misspelled scepter, but to my credit the whiteboard did not have spellcheck. Plus, they were 3, they might appreciate good art, but they can't spell.
Ok, I lied, one more thing about football. I have a friendly wager with Jared. Back story: He lives in Texas and is a Houston Texans fan. The Texans went 12-4 in the regular season and won their playoff game this past weekend. I am a Falcons fan and they went 13-3 and had a bye this weekend. The Texans are in the AFC and the Falcons are in the NFC. That means the only way they will play each other is if they both make it the Super Bowl which brings me to our bet. Since I live in Georgia and he lives in Texas we have decided that if they DO both make it to the Super Bowl we will meet in Mississippi to watch the game together and the loser has to pay for the other's gas back home.

Here's the thing, we made this bet a long time and I don't think Jared even remembers it. So, my plan is to never mention it to him again UNLESS both of our teams DO go and the Falcons DO win. Then I will send Jared a bill for what the gas would have cost me. If the scenario I laid out does not unfold as I described, the bet will never be mentioned again. Though I don't really know if this plan will hold up in the court of law should Jared happen to challenge it. The only thing I know about the legal system I learned from watching Judge Judy when I was unemployed back in 2011. Fingers crossed.

Also, please don't remind Jared.


Anonymous said...

We'll that explains why Mac thinks that Jesus was one of the Knights of the Round Table. And while you never watched football over here, I would gladly have played the banjo in a speedo to entice you to. One more post this week and I will once again encourage friends to follow your blog....

Scott said...

ELDER STEVE!! I would come just for the speedo banjo playing. Football or not.

I am going to post again just so I can get your endorsement.

Ricky Anderson said...

I watched that video again so I could play "Find Scott".

It's like "Where's Waldo", but on the Internet.