Haha, I'm just kidding. This has nothing to do with Obamacare. I don't even know what that means. But I did hear someone say Ron Swanson wouldn't like it so my official stance is: I am opposed. That is the foundation of all of my political ideologies, what my favorite fictional sitcom characters might have said about it. But seriously, I didn't know how to start since I've been gone for a month. 

I wanted to check in and say I haven't quit blogging again. I know you were WORRIED about it. Several weeks ago they upgraded all our laptops to Windows 7 at work. The good news is MS Paint has a bunch if new thingies to paint with. The bad news, I lost all the posts I had saved. Then also at work, another department suddenly didn't have anybody that does what I do so I volunteered/was made to feel guilty if I didn't help them out. So now I am super busy at work because it is like I am doing two jobs. Which is better than last year at this time when I was doing no jobs. 

Since this post is basically to say I haven't quit, I will end with why I quit last time. I wrote the below and was all "Whoa, I need to quit." So I did:

In my hometown, there were two separate grocery stores called Food World and Food Land. Growing up, I always wondered which came first. Like, whether Food Land was already there and then Food WORLD came in and one upped him. Or, if Food World was there first and someone less ambitious came along and named there grocery store Food Land. 

I thought someone else should come along and open up a third grocery store called Food Galaxy! Exclamation point optional. Not optional? Having an in house laser tag arena. Because for some reason when I hear the word galaxy, I think laser tag. 

But I am pretty sure the Wal-Mart Supercenter drove all the other grocery stores out of business back in 1999. So, citizens of Guntersville, Alabama, you can blame the Wal-Mart Supercenter for not being able to play laser tag while grocery shopping. Sure you get everyday produce and toiletries at exceptional values, but NO LASER TAG. Was that trade off really worth it?

I bet the Wal-Mart Supercenter* is also responsible for burning down the bowling alley back in '01**

*Dear the Wal-Mart Supercenter, I am just kidding. Please don't sue me. There is no merit to these allegations and I have no reason to believe you have anything against the spirit of fun.

**I am estimating the year that the bowling alley burned. I tried to look it up on Wikipedia to confirm it, but Wikipedia didn't have anything about the early 2000s Guntersville, AL bowling alley burning. What's up with that, Wikipedia?
 See? That is why I took a sabbatical. Do you like laser tag?


Some Guy said...

If "galaxy" makes you think "laser tag", then what would you think of a fourth store named "Food Universe"?

I liked laser tag the two or so times I played it, over ten years ago. Have the lasers gotten any more powerful recently? Technology should have advanced in the last decade, I would think.

They didn't even have sound effects when I last played. Anyone who has ever watched Star Wars knows what lasers should sound like.

Scott said...

That is a very valid point about the outdated technology of laser tag. But to be fair the last I played was 2002, so they may have upgraded since then.

They should make a laser tag app where your smartphone both shoots the laser and recognizes when you are hit. Then spontaneous laser tag games could breakout at any given moment in any given place.