Happy Father's Day

I hope you had a great Father’s day weekend. Even if you aren’t a Father, I still hope your weekend was pleasant. Mine was. On Saturday night, I got to grill out. I love grilling out. I think grilling hamburgers while in air conditioning would probably be my dream job. Except that would kind of be like working at Burger King and that doesn’t seem very ambitious. So never mind. 

Then on Sunday, Ada woke me up by handing me a questionnaire she had filled out about me.  I am going to copy it below, because as I may or may not have mentioned (I can’t remember) I am a very forgetful person and will probably lose that sheet of paper someday, but you can never lose the internet.*

*I take that back, based on personal experience AT&T seems to lose the internet about twice a week.

My dad is 30 years old.
His hair is black and his eyes are green.
My dad likes to wear church outfits.
He loves to eat hamburgers.
He is smart because he knows how to do a flip.
My dad works hard at work.
Daddy always tells me I love you.
It makes me happy when daddy plays baseball and catch with me and tries to “get me”.
If daddy could go on a trip, he would go to CVS and take me with him.
I love it when daddy takes me to the park and the movies and when he cuddles with me.
If I could give him a present I would draw.
For fun, daddy plays.
He likes to drink Diet Coke.
He weighs 100lbs.
I’ve known daddy for a very, very long time.
Daddy’s favorite TV show is football.

For the most part, she nailed it. I do think it is a little sad that the pinnacle of my intelligence is based on my ability to roll over, but I guess that is what you get from someone who aspires to work at Burger King.

Speaking of Burger King, I was reminded of this post I wrote near Father’s day a few years ago, before John even existed. My feelings have only multiplied with my children:

I remember one of the first times I felt like I was a true college student. The previous night my roommate and I had a bunch of friends over, ordered pizza, and spent the night playing xbox and calling each other names. It was fun. It always was. The next morning I woke up, shuffled sleepy-eyed into the kitchen to try and find something for breakfast. Those days, my breakfasts were usually microwave popcorn or canned ravioli. But not that morning, that morning I hit the jackpot. As I was rummaging through our impressive collection of condiments looking for anything I could put the condiments on, when something caught my eye on the counter beside the fridge: an opened pizza box with about a quarter of a meat lovers still in it. I grabbed the box and took it back to bed with me. That was college.

Fast forward about ten years later to this morning’s breakfast. Last night we loaded the family into the car, went to Burger King, and spent the night giving baths and tucking in. It was fun. It always is. This morning I woke up to Ada yelling, “Daddy, where are you, Daddy?” so I shuffled sleepy-eyed into her bedroom and took her down stairs to find something for breakfast. This morning I hit the jackpot. I ended up eating strawberry yogurt and granola out of a mini Little Princess bowl as I was walking around the living room with Ada sitting on my foot holding onto my leg. This is fatherhood.

I wouldn't go back if I could.

Ok, I am going to go try on some church outfits.

Do you like hamburgers?


Steve said...

Can we assume that since you eat hamburgers a lot and only weigh 100pounds that doing flips is the best workout around?

Some Guy said...

I do like hamburgers, although a good BBQ pork sandwich might edge out a burger.

If your hair is black and your eyes are green, then who is that guy in your blog's header image? He has brown hair and eyes that seem reddish.

Ricky Anderson said...

Please tell me you were so touched by Ada's homework assignment that you took her to CVS.

Scott said...

Steve, Based on the given data, I think that is a safe assumption.

SG, I did say mostly nailed it. Also, the reddish eyes is one of the reasons I had to give the "I'm not drunk" disclaimer. Another reason is the goofy look on my face. Unfortunately, the goofy look is not a result of poor camera quality.

Ricky, There is a CVS about 2 blocks away from us and Ada and I had actually just walked to it to get charcoal for grilling the burgers. I think that is what prompted that answer.

taylor lane said...

You're blog is always hilarious.... but i might have teared up at your earlier father's day post. Spot on. Im sure your kids are lucky kids!

Scott said...

Thanks Taylor, I appreciate that. And I think I am the lucky one.

Was that cheesy? That was cheesy, wasn't it? My bad.