I can't think of a title....

I was emailing with my buddy, Bull, today and mentioned that I don’t know if I’d continue blogging. My reasons: I used to write while at work, but now my job requires thought so I can’t fit it in. After work, I have an hour commute which means I don’t have as much family time, so any extra time at home I spend with the kiddos or LB. In short, I rarely get ideas anymore and when I do I don’t have time to write about them.

Ok, that last paragraph seemed a little complainy. My bad. But the thought of not blogging anymore made me a little sad. So I’m making one last ditch effort while LB watches a DVR'd episode of What Not to Wear.

I don’t have anything to write about so I’m just going to spit my flow freestyle. FYI-that was rap talk for stream of consciousness. FYI-that was fancy talk for I’m going to make stuff up as I go.

Here goes:

I think the 5 second rule should vary in length depending on where you are. My dirt is not as nasty as the dirt in a QT bathroom.

Speaking of QT bathrooms, I think there should be sensors on the floors around the urinals that buzz when they detect stray urine. If you can go to the bathroom and don’t get buzzed, you win a free fountain drink. This promotes clean bathrooms so the employees won’t have to clean it as much and we get a free drink to replenish the fluids we just disposed of. It’s a win for everybody involved. Except people could just walk in, stand in the corner, say they went to the bathroom, and walk out to get a free drink. So I guess there would have to be a way to verify you actually went to the bathroom. That is where this idea proposal gets awkward. Obviously this has not been thought out, that is what stream of consciousness is, guys.

I judge a man when he is the only one in the bathroom and he is using the low urinal. I’m not saying it is right. I probably shouldn’t be saying it at all. I know that it is probably because someone was at the normal hight urinal when he came in, but still, I judge him.

Ok, I’m stopping this now, I dont like where it is headed. I had envisioned me making fun of What Not to Wear, but as soon as I started typing I dropped my Valentine heart shaped Reese’s cup on the floor. Then ate it anyway and then somehow started talking about urinals. I’m not sure how that happened.

My blog and I had a good run, and honestly, I’d hate for this post to be the way we go out. Even the title is bad. We’ll see what happens.

Stay classy, internet.


Knox McCoy said...


If this is just integrated marketing for that new Man on a Ledge movie, I don't like it.


Ricky Anderson said...

I will kill myself if you quit blogging.

Or at least a small gerbil.

You don't have to quit - I can handle posts being few and far between, but quitting? I can't cope with that.

Ben said...

I agree with Ricky, I can handle the fewer posts just don't stop blogging.

Some Guy said...

There's no wrong way to eat a Reese's. Even off the floor.

Chad said...

I just became acquainted with your work. Please don't stop now.