TV March Madness: Champion Crowned

Despite goings on such as this, my faith in humanity has never been stronger. We started out with a pool of 32 hilarious characters and the most wholesome of the bunch rose to the top. You should be proud of yourself, internet.
It is only appropriate that the closest match of the tournament was this championship round. Dwight Schrute is a very worthy opponent. If I didn’t have Heathcliff Huxtable protecting me with his family morals, the next person I would want is Dwight Schrute protecting me with his bo staff.

No, that is not a calculator watch.

I am little excited for myself because this is the first thing I have won since that time I was the 8th caller into 680 The Fan and received NASCAR tickets. Unfortunately, I'm not a NASCAR fan, but I did sell the tickets for $100 because I am an entrepreneur.

But I am even more excited for all of you because of what Heathcliff Huxtable winning this competition says about your level of decency and civility. Good job, society.

Now, let's sit back and celebrate by watching The Cosby Show theme song as performed in India. This version seemed more festive. And this is a time for festivities.
To see the tournament in its entirety click here.


Ricky Anderson said...

And I was starting to believe the lies...

...the ones where they told me my 14 votes wouldn't make a difference.

tylertarver said...

What hurts me the most is that I could've walked into the other room and click click clicked on my laptop and then changed my name to Victor.

I congratulation you for congratulation sake.

Be humble in victory and lie in defeat.


tylertarver said...

I love you.

Ricky Anderson said...

Just for the record - you know I didn't do that, right?

I love you too, Tyler.

Scott said...

Tyler, you are just as worthy of a adversary as Dwight K. Schrute. It was an honor and a privilege to have competed against you. But I do think you should quit your job and go work at Staples.

Ricky, No matter, every vote counts and I appreciate every one whether for or against me. The more votes, the more scientific it makes the competition.

Bull said...

Scott hosts the competition, Scott helps define the rules, and then Scott's character wins. I call shenanigans, or in Scott's case, he-nanigans. For the record, I only voted for Bill Cosby once.

Scott said...

How dare you deface this great win for such an upstanding moral character? Not mention ruining this for Bill Cosby.

Knox McCoy said...


I kid.

Tyler, I hacked into Russia's entire computer network and instructed all of the Mother Land's computers to vote for the Cos.

I'm still tremendously vindictive about Michael Scott's loss. This is how super villains are formed.