Because I haven’t posted in over a month….

I don’t have anything significant to post, but the longer I wait between posting the more pressure I put on myself to get something up. And not just any post will do, the longer I wait the more I feel like when I finally do post again it needs to be something groundbreakingly substantial. Problem is, I don’t think I have ever/will ever post anything groundbreakingly substantial. So, I pull up and nothing comes out and I start getting really nervous and sweating and forgetting where the home keys are, usually culminating in me contemplating quitting blogging altogether. Should I retire from blogging? Would I miss it? Would anyone miss me? Would it really be called retiring? I tell myself it has already been over a month, 1/12 of a year, another couple of weeks and it will be 2/12 of a year which equals 1/6. Ok, I just taught you how to reduce fractions, that’s kind of substantial, that eases some tension.

It’s not like there hasn’t been anything to post about in the past month. We’ve celebrated my birthday/Ada’s birthday, LB’s birthday, and I got to go to a Falcon's game and this past Saturday’s Chick-fil-a College Kickoff game. For the record, both football games were free tickets that I welfared from a couple different buddies at church, so thank you to both Jeremy and Lyle. Also for the record, I have no shame when it comes to scoring free tickets to sporting events.

For LB and Ada’s birthday I started making another movie, I just never had time to finish it. It was similar to a commercial for one of those compilations CD’s, like Now That Is What I Call Music, or WOW for you non-secular types, but it was me singing songs in my whimsical robotic voice dedicated to Ada and LB. A couple of examples, I sang Butterfly Kisses to Ada and The Golden Girls theme song to LB. Since I never got a chance to post the video, I want to take this time to publicly thank LB for being a friend and traveling down the road and back again; your heart is true, you’re a pal and confident.

Anyway, this is pretty much a random garbage post just so I can post again soon without passing out when pulling up blogger, so I’ll go ahead and end it. Also, I do realize I just used the word whimsical and quoted The Golden Girls theme song in the same post, but I am hoping the fact that I went to two football games in three days cancels that out?


Amanda said...

What a random funny post. I want to see the movie with the Golden Girls theme song!!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, we gotta see this video!

rhodes1 said...

I would definitely miss your blog if you just stopped. Keep them coming!