Can Television be a Spiritual Gift?

Lately, talk of spiritual gifts has been popping up all around me. Last Sunday we had a guest pastor at church, so we took a break from our usual expository sermons through Acts to allow the guest to preach. Out of all the subjects in the bible, he spoke on spiritual gifts.

A while back I made a call to the public asking for online sermons and Mark Driscoll was suggested. I downloaded the last 2yrs worth of his sermons into my iPod and have been going through them one series at a time. The series I am on right now now, spiritual gifts.

All this talk about spiritual gifts has me contemplating, “What are my spiritual gifts?” From what I’ve learned, a spiritual gift can be anything, just take what you know or what you do well and use that to further God’s kingdom. I’m still trying to figure mine out. Now, keep all of that spiritual gift talk in mind. I have group of about 4-6 email buddies where we email one another throughout the work day. It’s mostly news articles, sports arguments or senseless debates over things that probably don’t even need to be resolved.

Today, a conversation about television and our Top Ten favorite shows came up. I think I’ve mentioned before about how much I love TV, but this conversation is when I realized I may have a real problem. It was actually painful for me to narrow my list down to ten. There are just too many great shows to choose from. I’ll include my top 10 for you to compare, contrast, and scrutinize. In no particular order:

1. The Office
2. Friends
4. The Wonder Years
5. Cheers
6. The Cosby Show
7. 30 Rock
8. Quantum
9. MacGyver
10. House

There was several, several others that made honorable mention, but these are the ten I settled on. The fact that I was able to spout all of these out off the top of my head made me think, maybe I like TV a little too much. There are much better ways that I could have been spending my time over the years, but it's too late to worry about that now. No sense dwelling on the past. My question for the here and now, how can I use this knowledge of television to further God’s Kingdom? Can TV be a spiritual gift? If so, I would love to know how. I would be a mac daddy disciple if I could convert people based on my knowledge of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Maybe I could explain it to unbelievers like this: Now, you are LOST but, you could become a member of The A-Team and you and God could really be Perfect Strangers, even Friends. He would help you through The Wonder Years, while you’re trying to figure out The Facts of Life. If so, you too would make that Quantum Leap to The Office in the sky (without Wings.) It’s not just Law and Order like in the Old Testament because 2000 yrs ago, when God’s Boy Meets World as The King of Queens, he prepared a way that each one of us could be All in the Family through Grace Under Fire. If you understood completely, it would be hard for you to Curb Your Enthusiasm, but we have to take it Step By Step until we are Saved By the Bell and get to become Charlie’s Angels in 7th Heaven, where there’s no Growing Pains or Unsolved Mysteries or need for Cops, Divorce Court, General Hospital, or ER and Family Ties will never be broken. These will truly be Happy Days when we are in God’s Full House of The Golden Girls and no Men Behaving Badly.

Until then, Cheers.


Ashley said...

Okay, Scott, that last paragraph is golden. A true keeper. Creativity at its best.

Kudos my friend.

Lindsay said...

That last paragraph was pretty impressive. Maybe you can use your talent as a spiritual gift when you figure out the Christian allegories and symbolism all these shows have and they don't even know it, kinda like what you did with that movie you recently watched.

Bull said...

I echo my wife...excellent job on that last paragraph. Bonus points for NOT working in anything about Felicity or Dawson's Creek.

Scott said...

Thanks guys!

I almost made a comparison between Dawson's Creek the Jordan River, but quickly deemed that blasphemous and nixed it.

Tyler Stanton said...

That last paragraph almost made me tear up. Man, I sure hope TV is a spiritual gift. I would feel so much better about myself if it was.

Is having your sons call your brothers "Uncle Jesse" and "Uncle Joey" a sign of obsession?

Bull said...

Tyler, I hate to be that guy, but any true fan of Full House knows that Joey was never called Uncle Joey. He was just Joey, because he was a friend of Danny. Jesse was Uncle Jesse because he was the brother of Danny's deceased wife. Sorry dog.