Web Gem and some other junk…

Not much going on these days, still just unpacking boxes. The downstairs pretty much looks like a real live house now, but the upstairs is a different story. The upstairs looks like you are walking through your local Public Storage with each room being a separate storage shed. That’s ok though, we can see the potential. Also, as I was walking through the house last night, I began to look at all the walls and, man, that is going to be a lot of painting! I dread the day we start, I look forward to the end results, but truly dread Day 1 of that project. I HATE painting with a passion. Anyone who wants to help, is more than welcome to come over (even stalkers this time).

I bought the HD antennae this week and semi-hooked it up. I didn’t take the time to figure out the best position and all that, hopefully that will be this weekend, but we did add NBC to our channel repertoire. Now, we have the CW, Fox, and ABC in beautiful high definition and a grainy version of NBC. I am going to work on it this weekend and if I can’t make it any better than it is right now, I think Ms. Beezy is going to nix this little plan to save $1000’s. I am crossing my fingers that Heidi (that is what I’m affectionately calling this little HD antennae that has now taken over the living room) will pull through for me this weekend.

On to better things now, I wanted to inform everyone of this little web gem that I have recently rediscovered. http://www.pandora.com/ - it has been around since 2000, so if you have already heard of it, don’t bother finishing reading, but if you are in dark, please continue. I can’t remember how I found it, but I used to frequent it all the time at my old job and just thought of it the other day out of the blue . It’s an awesome site if you like music and are a desk jockey all day at work like me. What they have done, a group of music loving fools have gotten together and studied/listened to thousands upon thousands artists and their songs and broken each song down by hundreds of musical attributes. The way it works, you log on, create a (free) personal account and then type in your favorite artist, then, sit back and let the site do the work for you. When you type in the artist of your choice, you have created a custom “radio station” (I believe you can have up to 100 custom stations). Pandora begins to sort through its huge database and proceeds to play continuous commercial-free music from artists with similar sounds and qualities to music that you know that you like. You can also look around and check out other people’s stations and if you like them, claim them as your own. One of my favorite features, as the songs are playing you can give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down…very gladiator-esque. A thumbs up and more of the same will play for you; a thumbs down and it will skip to the next song and never torture you with that song again. If you give someone the thumbs up and are interested in them, you can click on them and it will give a paragraph detailing who they are, how they got started, and who their inspiration was.

All in all, it’s really a great site. If you don’t feel like discovering or learning about new artists, you can just pull it up, get is started, then minimize it and let it play all day, at least you won’t have to listen to those annoying car dealership commercials. So, go play around with it, have some fun, I know you will love it. Look me up and we can share radio stations together.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I forgot one other cool feature, if you find something you like, they have link where you can buy the album off of amazon.com or the song from itunes...how cool is that?


Milla said...

Oh my dear goodness... this is amazing. I had no idea. I'm already in love.

Ashley said...

Okay, first of all, we have grainy NBC, too, but so far, I am unaffected. I guess I just have weened myself off TV (except Netflix). I just don't require more than what we have.

Second, I love internet radio, too, but I will warn you. At my old job, IT found out that it was ME who was using up all the bandwidth in the office! Yep, they sent out an email telling us not to use these...ha! My hi-tech Bull may have a way around it. Just a forewarning. I am going to try it out again here at this job...in hopes no will notice the slower internet (and who is causing it =)

Scott said...

Ashley, I dont think you are giving pandora the justice it deserves. It more than just internet radio...its internet radio on steroids.