Moving Update

We are moved in, everything went about as smoothly as you could expect. Except for the fact that I forgot to schedule the gas to be hooked up on Friday. This meant LB, Ada and I had to spend the weekend in the house without a stove, hot water, or bad. We kept peering out the blinds to make sure DHR wasn’t pulling up to take Ada away. We did make a trip Wal-Mart to buy a space heater to get us through the nights without getting frostbite. The days weren’t that bad, but at nighttime, it felt as if we were getting ready to go ice fishing. It was a little better once the space heater had time to kick in. That little thing kept it a toasty 65 degrees in whatever room it was in, compared to the 50 degrees throughout the rest of the house. It did take some strategic planning on our part to make it work though. During the day, we would keep the heater in the living room with us as we watched our safety pin aluminum foil antennaed TV. (I was very proud of my ingenuity here, but I think LB is a little embarrassed). We would have to plan about 30 minutes before we were going to bed so we could set the heater upstairs and let it be warming up, up there. I think it worked out very nicely.

The other big problem was no hot water. This made showers pretty much impossible. I have done cold showers before, and was thinking about manning up and taking one Monday morning before work. When I woke up and it was 60 degrees in the bathroom, I decided before my feet hit the floor that a shower wasn’t going to happen (On Sunday, we had gone back to the old apartment to clean it up and had taken a shower there, so I wasn’t completely crusty or anything.) So, I came to work on Monday showerless, in jeans and a hat. I was nice enough to make an announcement to the office when I got in, stating that I was sorry for my lack of professionalism in dress and hygiene and warning that I wouldn’t be able to take a shower until I went home for lunch, if anyone had anything to tell me they were more than welcomed to just send an email instead of waling over. I don’t think anyone cared or they all just went back to their cubes and talked about me behind my back.....probably the latter.

We are finally in the house and everything is actually inside. We are still are living out of boxes for the time being. I am ok with that. I would rather be living out of boxes for a little while and paying a mortgage than having everything nice and neat in closets and drawers and paying rent.

We still don't have cable or internet right now, so LB won't be posting anytime soon (here or on her traitor blog) we are working on coming up with something (more on this tomorrow), but for now, she is in total disconnect at the house. If anybody has a message for her I will be happy to share, but keep in mind, after 4pm Satan's time (EST)/3pm God's Time (Central) I am disconnected as well, so she won't get it until tomorrow afternoon.

I am sure if we ever find the camera, we'll put pictures up for all friends, family and stalkers alike to see. Also remember, all friends and family (sorry stalkers) are welcome to come visit any time.

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