Always Leave You Wanting "Moore"...No More

Happy New Year everyone!

It is a great day. Peaceful day on the couch with never ending college football. I think this is what Heaven will be like. The SEC is currently 4-0, though it is looking like Arkansas may blemish that record.

LB and I may make a run over to the new house here in bit to take the inaugural load over, nothing too big, just an excuse to go over the new house again. 11 days until moving day. We are very excited about that.

This year, the only family member with a New Year's Resolution is Ada. Her resolution is to grow her hair back. LB and I have been noticing it for a while, but was hoping it wasn't true. Unfortunately, it is. The past few weeks, Ada has steadily been loosing her red locks. It is almost completely gone on the left side of her head. It kind of looks like a baby receding hair line and if it keeps up Ada will have a baby comb over. We know that it will eventually grow back, we're just hoping when it grows back it will still be red.

Now, for a very crucial moment in the short lived existence of the blog. LB and I have decided to part ways, when it comes to blogging. Apparently, my rambling on incoherently about too many unimportant subjects is a bit too much for her remain my blogging team member. I must admit, I am a little sad. I do hate to see her go, but I understand. Out of the 30 some odd posts that have been made so far, only about 5 have been fully dedicated to Ada. I guess that is a little false advertisement on my part. So, if you want to stay up to date with Ada's milestones, you can check out Beezy’s new blog here
. Of course I will have the occasional Ada updates here, but I will leave the big important stuff for LB to fill you in on. You can expect more of the usual here…meaningless babble about meaningless topics.

Now that I am thinking about it, my blogging must really be irritating to LB. She doesn’t even want to stay here and blog hand in hand with me. I offered to let her change the title, template, anything she wanted and she still left me anyway. Don’t worry though, it’s a clean break up and there are no hard feelings, anymore. I just hope I am not annoying you the people as much as I am her.

You can expect a few cosmetic changes now that LB has officially left me. The lime green is slightly girly, I just used it because it’s the color of Ada’s room, but now it is probably going to have to go. I will also have to change the big Ada picture stating her being the star, because now she is the star of LB’s blog. I will try to persevere and leave you wanting more all on my own now.

I hope everyone is having a great New Years Day. Enjoy watching the bowl games and Go SEC!

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Man blogging or as it will soon be known: Mlogging