Bowl Game Predictions

Last night on ESPN, there was a 4hr special announcing the participants of the 32 different bowl games to conclude this year’s college football season (moment of silence please...........thank you). Yes, 32 bowl games, 64 teams. I have differing opinions about such an overwhelming amount of games where, pretty much, all it takes is a winning record, or even just a .500 record, to get in a bowl game. A lot of the bowl games are watered down and most people won't care about a 1/3 of them, but until there is a playoff system or plus 1 instituted, we can only dream for now, at least it provides us with more football to watch as the season is winding down. Anyway, I am going to give my early prediction for each game followed by a quick line of expert analysis. There's a lot games, so lets get started...

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia
Utah 23
Navy 31
*Who cares? It's a bowl game named after a Christmas flower. We appreciate the festiveness, but could care less about this game. The Seamen over the Mormons.

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Memphis 24
Florida Atlantic 17
*Memphis has a good basketball team; FA is beat up from being every SEC school's homecoming game. Bowl
Southern Miss 17
Cincinnati 31
*Southern Miss has a tough D, but Nick Lachey's undying support for Cincinnati will pull them through.

New Mexico
Nevada 20
New Mexico 23
*Talk about home field advantage.

Pioneer Las Vegas
BYU 27
*Put your bets on the Bruins taking the Mormons out in their own backyard.

Sheraton Hawaii
Boise State 37
East Carolina 13
*Boise State confuses ECU with the ol' Hook & Lateral Triple Reverse Flea Flicker Statue of Liberty option a la the Oklahoma game last year. Plus, Ian Johnson is a pimp because he proposed to his girlfriend after scoring the winning TD in last years bowl.

Motor City
Purdue 23
Central Michigan 14
*Purdue Pete is cool.

Pacific Life Holiday
Arizona State 31
Texas 26
*Rudy Carpenter will outshine and outshoot Colt McCoy.

Champs Sports
Boston College 37
Michigan State 14
*BC is a much better football team. Ryan will try to showcase is talents during his Atlanta Falcons tryout game.

TCU 33
Houston 41
*Houston can score big. They are a very good mid-level team and will put up more points than the Horned Frogs, which is a usually a key to victory.

Maryland 13
Oregon State 28
*I really don't know much about either team and I am willing to bet no one is reading this far down anyway.

Meineke Car Care

UConn 37
Wake Forest 30
*Co-Big East champs should best WF.

Autozone Liberty
UCF 13
Mississippi State 24
*UCF, prepared to be 'Croom'ed. Bulldogs will be jacked for their first bowl appearance since 2000. Their power running game and SEC defense will give MSU the W.

Valero Alamo

Penn St 36
Texas AM 24
*8pm start, Joe Pa will be asleep at halftime, but good thing for Penn St that Franchione is out the door at A&M. Not because he is that great, there will just be a lack of leadership.

PetroSun Independence
Alabama 30
Colorado 31
*Should be renamed the Mediocrity Bowl with these two 6-6 teams. Bama will jump out to a commanding lead, then slowly but surely, it will dwindle to a last second field goal victory for Colorado.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces
California 13
Air Force 38
*It would be blasphemous if the Air Force didn’t win the Helicopter Bowl

Roady's Humanitarian
Georgia Tech 31
Fresno State 20
*Yes, Tech is prone to choking, but Tenuta's D should hold Pat Hill's handle bar mustache in check. And they are good people at Tech, so it is only fitting they win the Humanitarian Bowl.

Brut Sun
South Florida 24
Oregon 38
*South Florida started out hot and even I jumped on their bandwagon. The wheels on that wagon fell off quickly. Now, they're back to reality and with Oregon's high-powered offense, they will finish the season with another disappointing loss.

Gaylord Hotel Music City
Kentucky 31
Florida St 20
*Andre Woodson will play a tight game against a FSU D that flies around the field, but will be able to get it done against a deteriorating Bobby Bowden team.

Indiana 17
Oklahoma St 31
*...because Mike Gundy is 40, he is a MAN!!!

Clemson 21
Auburn 27
*Clemson is prone to choking in the clutch, as long as Cox doesn't throw more TD's for Clemson, AU brings home the win.

Wisconsin 20
Tennessee 31
*I cringe when I say this, but UT and Eric Ainge will use the power of the SEC athletes and pull out the victory against a mediocre Badger team.

AT&T Cotton
Missouri 36
Arkansas 28
*Poor Missouri, they should be the one getting whipped by USC in the Rose Bowl instead of the Zook-a-nators, stupid Rose Bowl and their traditions. A ticked off Mizzou pulls one out over Arkansas, despite McFadden’s Superman-esque numbers.

Texas Tech 13
Virginia 27
*Slight mismatch since UVA slipped late in the season and fell to a lesser bowl game. They are a better team than Tech.

Capitol One
Michigan 17
Florida 42
*For Lloyd Carr's going away party: Tebow will give him 225 passing yd-3TD's, 115 rushing yds-2TD's.

Rose Bowl
Illinois 13
USC 45
*Biggest mismatch of the bowl season. Yeah, Zook knocked off Ohio St when they were #1, but OSU had been lulled asleep by their cupcake schedule. The Illini doesn't stand a chance against a healthy USC.

Allstate Sugar
Hawaii 37
Georgia 41
*UGA is probably the hottest team out there right now, 6 W’s in a row in very convincing fashion. Hawaii can put up points with the best of them, but Knowshawn will get it going, giving Stafford some room to work. Expect UGA to ‘blackout’ the Rainbow Warriors.

Tostitos Fiesta
Oklahoma 34
West Virginia 42
*I’m calling a WVU upset, as long as Slaton and White are healthy. I think OU is a better team, but I just feel it my gut, which means it is a big feeling.

Fedex Orange
Virginia Tech 42
Kansas 26
*Back to life, back to reality for KU. Tech is hot, with tons more athletes and a lot more depth. There is a bigger chance of Mangino eating a salad than winning this one.

Rutgers 24
Ball St 10
*Where did this game come from? Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange....then this???

Bowling Green 23
Tulsa 27
*Even worse!!

Allstate BCS Championship Game
LSU 34
Ohio ST 17
*I think Les Miles is one lucky imbecile (I don’t know if I have ever used that word before, but I couldn’t think of anything more fitting) LSU will win heavily. LSU will be healthy, their D will be back to beginning of the season form, and we will hear “Flynn to Doucett” during this game more than the last 5 put together. It will start out slow and appear to be a close game. You will think that OSU has heard enough about being 0-8 versus the SEC in bowl games, not being able to match SEC speed and finally came to play this year. Not so fast my friend, LSU will start inching away. Bo Pelini will stay and coach the D one last time before moving to Lincoln, so he can get some face time on national television to help his Nebraska recruiting. He will make halftime adjustments and OSU will score 10 or less points in the second half. LSU will be hoisting the crystal football overhead when the scoreboard clock ticks down to triple zeroes and it will have nothing to do with anything Les Miles did. Call me a homer if you want, but the SEC athletes will be too much for this Buckeye team, who squeaked its way into the national championship game.

There you have my bowl predictions 1 month early. I am anxious to see how I am going to do. If I get 50% of the winning teams I will be happy. I have the SEC going 7-2 and with a chance at going back to back as the national champions. Yes, I am partial, I may be a homer, but when you have 9 bowl eligible teams and a chance to have back to back national champions from your conference, I believe that earns me every right to be.

Happy Bowling!


Milla said...

so funny...I especially like your prediction for Florida. Tebow would really appreciate that, I'm sure...

p.s. how do boys know so much about so many football teams? I only know the names of Auburn and UF players, and not very many of those!

Scott said...

Thanks Milla. To answer your question, lots of blissfully entertaining hours on the couch on Saturdays. Thanks to my wonderful wife who lets me watch as football as possible and a 4mo old daughter who enjoys it just as much as I do.

But, we'll see how much I actually "know" come January 8th.

Bull said...

Well researched, excellent analysis. My problem is that I don't know who to cheer for in the Championship Game. I need four hands for this...on one hand, I hate Ohio State, and on the other hand, I hate all of the Big 10. On a third hand, I'm supposed to cheer for SEC schools, but on the last hand I hate Les Miles with a passion. I really don't know what to do.

Kyle said...

You give the Rainbows too much credit. While I think GA will have a field day on the scoreboard, do not assume that because Hawaii scores 30+ points a game against some of the worst teams in the country that they will do it against a battle tested SEC D.

Scott said...

I mostly just made up numbers for the scores. I was really just picking winners, but that was too boring, so I threw scores in for fun.